Celebrate success together

The most powerful recognition of success is when it's shared with people, this enables everyone to celebrate success together as a team.

With our platform Praise can be easily created and publicly available to your workforce, enabling colleagues to interact and comment on achievements.

  • Maximize the power of recognition by sharing
  • Notification to colleagues on special praise such as Customer Reviews
  • Ability for colleagues to interact with recognition such as Like and comment

Reward people from your Store

When it comes to gifts, people put greater value on being able to choose something for themselves. You create reward listings that suit your company.

Using their accrued currency from the platform your people can select a reward of their choice from the store, including charitable donations.

Building a recognition culture

Engagement levels are closely tied to recognition and a company's overall culture. A strong work culture that rewards performance aligns individuals with company values, which in turn builds culture the right way.

Our platform encourages the desired behaviours by highlighting and rewarding

  • Elected Most Valuable Professional
  • Visual overviews or top performers for selectable time periods
  • Rankings of performance metrics